Was in Spring of 2004, we were 3 guys, and made the band for try to make a good Punk Rock/pop. We began so strong, and later Rewan (New guitar) arrived to make more forceful our band. We recorded our first Demo in Xmas of 2004, and the first cd in Summer of 2005. But we made this album just to sell it in our first Spanish tour with the Swedish band «SKUMDUM». We played in A Corunya, Bilbao, Oviedo, Santander, Madrid, Valencia, Zaragoza, etc… The last summer (2006) We were touring again with Chixdiggit (Canada) «Fat Records» We sold 250 copys around Spain, and now we are working to put this in the street. At the moment we´r working hard in our next album that will be out in April/May 2007! Take it easy! ***The Holybuttons Industry***



The Jack Saints started in Palm Springs, Ca back in 1995. Shortly after we moved to San Francisco. A few years ago Regal left and was replaced by ex NEW BOMB TURK Bill Randt! THE NEW CD IS OUT!!! BUY IT!

We´re heading back to EUROPE from SEPTEMBER to late OCTOBER.

We got A Gears tribute ep with THROW RAG and The SMUT PEDDLERS out hopefully sometime on TKO records (If Throw Rag can ever locate the recording they did) Our split Warren Zevon with Throw Rag never came out, but we included the Zevon cover at the end of our CD!

We´re writing new songs for our new shows and Euro tour, and maybe dusting off a few oldies.

Our old records are out of print, but you can find em used. They´re on Man´s Ruin and Scooch Pooch.



It all started back in 2001 when four guys got together on a punkrockshow in Nyköping.
It turned out that everyone enjoyed the same kind of music and were in love with trashy garagepunk and band like THE SPACESHITS, THE SAINTS, THE SONICS, TEENGENERATE and MC5…



The Nerds surgio hace 10 años con Pablo a la batera, Ivan a la voz, Anne al bajo y borja a la guitarra, bajo el nombre de Radikal crew, pero por diferencias musicales Ivan y Borja abandonaron el grupo ( eran muy jewis y poco punk rockers, jeje ). Con esto se incorporo Luis, y se cambio de nombre a Dirty Diapers y de estilo, con mas influencias Ramones / Misfits y algo de emocore, y andamos bajo este nombre bastantes años hasta que en una bronca invitamos a Luis a abandonar mas o menos. Nos pusimos a buscar guitarra y cantante, y al no aparecer, Anne se puso a la guitarra y voz y MariaPink, amiga de varios otros grupos, empezo a echarnos una mano ( agosto 2000 ) hasta que sin darnos cuenta es parte integrante y fundamental del grupo, por lo que decidimos cambiar de nuevo de nombre a Nerds y el estilo se radicalizó y acelero un poquillo.


The Pony Boy is a personal project from Paco Jordi, a musician from the Empordà, born in the year 1981 and who currently lives in the city of Barcelona. He has written the songs of the short film «El grito de la mariposa» and he also wrote for Pedro Marín. He plays with the bands Holland Park, Sanjosex and Psychoine. He co-operates with Pau Riba and he goes touring around Russia with the american band Brazzaville. Now, he has just created The Pony Boy, which already has released a 8 song cd and after that he has joined forces with a group of sensational musicians to carry on this aim.

Website de THE PONY BOY


Formed in 1995 after the Skull Boys demise, The Rippers started in L´Arboç (Catalonia, Spain) as a two piece band with brothers Marc Teichenné (Vocals, Guitar) & David Teichenné (Bass, Drums) to quickly record their first 7”. With the addition of Ricky on drums they´s soon hit the stages, playing with international bands as The New Bomb Turks, Queers or Buzzcocks…

Website de THE RIPPERS


«The Seihos creen en el trabajo bien hecho, en la elaboración de los temas de manera casi artesanal, en la autocrítica i en la constancia, como pruevan sus mas de cinco años juntos. Su música no puede dejar indiferente a nadie, para eso ya hay muchos otros. Harmonias vocales y sonoridades olvidadas para recordar que la música es uno de los artes mas grandes.» MONDOSONORO.

Website de THE SEIHOS


The Seventhate was formed in between August and October, 2003. At that time Oscar, Joan y Xavi found themselves without a band, so they decided to join their skills and knowledge to create a music style different to what was being made those days, nevertheless they didnt hide their influences, mixing different styles, from the most aggressive hardcore until the most up to date metal music mixing it all with pop melodies, rocking riffs and even jazz…



The Singletons comienza en un sótano de la parte vieja del paralelo de Barcelona. Un local pequeño, exageradamente húmedo, con un vecino muy cabreado y caída de techo incluida. Pasaban largas tardes entre rancheras, vino y las peores versiones de Kinks,Who, Neil Young, Smiths, Pulp, Stone Roses, Strokes y Poison entre otros…


La miopía tecnoilógica es un sorprendente proyecto que se ha venido desarrollando durante los últimos tres años por un trío de españoles -Javi, Ana y Marcos- residentes en Londres y Brighton. Con su peculiar forma de integrar el detallismo artesanal con una propuesta musical mas bien exploradora, este grupo es un ejemplo de lo que las premisas de auto-producción pueden llegar a dar de sí: Magma EP es el resultado de una explosión, no volcánica, sino de talento.


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